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I will admit things have been a little more than crazy for us this past year.  An even now I am in a transition phase in my current full time job.  I am just happy I do have a full time job still but I am going through a transition from manager to just a regular employee again.  Why you may ask? Well its not a difficult thing my position was done away with.  Funny thing is I am not even mad or upset in the slightest. You would think I should be but I'm not. I think its because we had a feeling it was coming so I started free lancing and opening up my resale business again. (shameless plug here) But that is neither here nor there.

When I was growing up one of the things that made living in New Jersey bearable was my Grandparents. I still get choked up because my Grandfather taught be how to play pool, gamble, fish and he also gave me my first shot.... He was a amazing man.  When my mom got into one of her moods he would take me to the water.  He knew that I couldn't be far from the water he would let me just sit there and stare out over the blue lost in my thoughts.  My Grandmother raised nine children.  Even during the sixties and seventies that was still a amazing feat.  I couldn't even count the nights spent at her house.  How she taught me to appreciate the little things.  How she started my lessons on cooking and crafting.  A lot of people don't know how truly blessed we are for having Grandparents who went above and beyond when they were let.  In my Grandmothers later years I had mentioned how I truly missed how our family used to be.  How we used to come together and God I remember one Christmas were we all went to their tiny little apartment on Bay Dr for Christmas Eve.  God I don't know how that building stood there had to have been at least 40 adults and children there. I miss times like that.  She told me that people change but family is family and I knew she missed it too!

One thing Grandma taught me was to was to appreciate the fall holidays.  She loved Halloween I swear when my kids were smaller one of our first stops would always be stopping at her home. She took such delight in seeing the kids in their costumes.  An then there was Thanksgiving god did she like to cook for her family.  My Grandma used to make these meatballs that I have no been able to replicate yet.  At least I have had some tasty attempts.

There is nothing like cuddling up with the family watching movies when the temperature drops, or having a groups of people get together sitting outside around a fire roasting marshmallows.  Or drives along the water with blankets and hoodies watching the fall sky.

People usually say fall is the start of the year ending but to me its a change not a ending but a crisp weather beginning.  May you all be as blessed. An shall fall be a magical time with cooler weather and Halloween surprises.


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