Saturday, February 13, 2016

My venture into the unknown... NOW ANNOUNCING

Well not really the unknown as a lot of people know I do do private resale either through thrift sales, websites or flea markets.  Well I decided a way to move my life along is to really make a step forward so starting today I am announcing my life changing step.  Angie's Motivational Clean Out Services is now open for business!!! That's right you heard me right.  I used to do this back when my oldest child was a little one for extra cash and items. I was foolish and I stopped.  Well I am starting it back up!! I will have a page set up on here to explain everything but basically people have a hard time getting rid of things.  Not to the extent of hoarders but that box of cloths or that bag of books that has been sitting there forever you keep just because they don't want to bring it for donation or get rid of it.  That's where I step in, each person and pricing is done on a case by case appoint and basis.  It could be as easy as me helping you finally get rid of cloths that you can't wear and need help getting that closet clean or multiple sessions of positive encouragement to get that garage or storage shed finally cleaned out and organized!!! Trash and item removal I handle for you as part of the pricing.  So please if you need this service contact me HERE!!

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