Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Little Rant!!

I wish I could say things are going good but I have had so many things going on I just don't know where to BEGIN.  Well my main job is a job for the time being.. I know that will be coming to a end soon enough, probably in the next 24 months soon enough.  But that's okay because I still do the work from home plus my business.  I just really do not like uncertainty.  I mean we had to fill out paperwork today to try to keep the kids in the high school they love. The next option would be we have to move back in the school zone or home school.  That seriously makes me irritated that my life is on hold because of the school boards inability to do right by the county.... but i digress.  I wish I had a crystal ball sometimes... Oh and that fractured ankle thing is slowly healing, I am not in a brace and will be working on losing all this weight I have gained.  Oh well I had to vent so sorry!!!

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