Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Great Purge

Yesterday I was in the man's and my closet and realized wow we have a lot of stuff that not only we have not wore but have not used in the last year.  Well in a battle to declutter the house I have started the great purge.  What does that mean...well it means Spring Cleaning with a twist.  I am gathering all we are getting rid of first and posting it for sale. As I go room to room I will go through files, papers, cabinets.  Go with the theory if you haven't used it in last year sell it, donate it, recycle it. DO NOT THROW IT OUT.
Seriously if you have stuff that's in good condition Don't throw it out there are a ton of charities or groups who would be thankful.  Some nursing homes will take gently used cloths and books, or the Veterans services will take used cloths in select locations, blankets can always be used at homeless shelters. Old cleaning towels, towels, rags and blankets can be used at no kill animal shelters. Or local charity groups...YMCA School Age Programs(locally the office is on mariner next to the YMCA), the local school directors will know if there is a need and hey old kids cloths (or toys and art stuff)can go a long way to help out..... St Vincent de Paul Catholic Charities their thrift store help with their food pantries, woman's shelters,  and utility help. 
So what's the bottom line here people. Yes I am having a yard sale first. However after that believe me when I say it's all going. Because to be honest holding onto stuff that you don't need is a clutter mess.
Blessings to you all,

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