Sunday, November 22, 2015

Customer Rewards Programs!

OK who hasn't gone into a store and have been asked, "Would you like to sign up for our rewards program?" Now see I sign up for all the rewards programs there are because in some cases they do add up very very fast.  For example, My top three get me so many great deals I had to share,  so let me start with these.

Sears/ Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards... I shop at both stores. When you shop at the store you earn points every time you shop.  Those points convert to a cash value, then on top of that they give you free money as well. For example tonight I went to buy a pair of boots for my daughter for Christmas and they had loaded a free $10.00 earlier that day. So the boots plus the points I had accumulated previously were free. FREE MONEY IS AWESOME.  Then I had had a points offer where if I spend $10 in home fashions they would give me $10 more to spend. So I ended picking up a few Christmas gifts for half the cost.  They also do select in-store pricing and have deals at both stores. Plus when you use the app and check in you can get coupons for your shopping trip that day. Win Win.

Winn Dixie Fuel Perks!  OK I have people tell me Winn Dixie is not the cheapest place around.  However that is not entirely true about any store its about knowing your prices.  I get a ton of great deals from there as well as the other stores that are near where I live.  But seriously I check the ad and there are always items that get you extra change off your gas but be smart don't buy stuff just to get the fuel perk buy it because you like the stuff. Plus every $50 spent in store gets you .05 more off your gas.  I like cheaper gas with the gas guzzler I drive.  Beside you can auto load coupons onto your rewards account so again a Win Win!!!

Last but not least is the Walgreen's rewards program. Having the Walgreen card gets you special pricing but it again earns you money back to use on future purchases. This is another store I frequent because its right around the corner from my home so I can swing in and pick some stuff up. But remember that if you shop there some of there health and beauty can be more expensive then at other stores. But they do take coupons and you earn money to spend while shopping in the future.

If you know of any more great rewards programs please let me know in the comment section so I can add it so everyone else will know.  Who doesn't like sharing some knowledge sometime. If you like what your reading I ask you to please follow the Blog by using that fantastic widget ( who doesn't like that word its fun widget) Till next time may you truly be blessed with the ones that matter most to you.

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