Thursday, October 15, 2015

X-ray's and immobilizer'S oh my

Well as most working moms know a day off really is a dream. Our days off normally consist of chores, errands and that just starts the list.  I do not know why for the life of me I thought that today would be any different.  Last night my amazing 14 year old texted me at work and says her knee is hurting her bad. Well she has a history with her knee so I call the doctor and make a appointment.  I figured today would be a go to the doctors visit, take her to school go home and tackle the mountain of laundry at home. Well that and work from home.  Nope! Now not to worry anyone she is OK and being treated by her fabulous pediatrician. But she had major tendon/ knee swelling and a bit of fluid forming around the knee. So we had to go to get her a knee immobilizer and then a field trip to the local radiology place to get X-ray's just in case. We get a recheck in 3 weeks. Not including a few extra errands... I am wiped. I had such a headache the words lord have mercy crossed my mind a few times. But Megan is immobile now and resting. However she has now been grounded no physical activity for 3 weeks. She is heartbroken because she has been training for ROTC competition and now it's a no go. She does understand her health comes first and she can go cheer her group on.

On the otherside of the coin. Today 20 years ago my beautiful, amazing, Intelligent, awesome, talented daughter Autumn came into this world kicking and screaming.  She stole my heart and I am extremely proud of what a amazing young woman she is. She awes me daily. I wished she lived closer.

So that's the latest and greatest from my crazy life.  I hope your days are full of adventure and love.

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