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I have come to a conclusion people are very self entitled.  No, I am not being the pot calling the kettle black I know I am selfish sometimes. But as we go into a time of year where we are supposed to be thankful for the little things....OK HOLD UP.  We should be thankful for the little things year round. I mean seriously people....but back to the regularly schedule blog.  I work retail... I see people struggling looking for deals and bargains.  I see parents going without so their kids have what they need... that's a true parent.  I see Grandparents helping out their kids getting their kids but also the grand-kids what they need.  You see the gratitude in some but then you see the opposite side of the coin.....

Some music please.....

  • Mom I know little Johnny needs shoes and we can't afford them but he only wears the $150 Nikes. 
  • Oh gee Grams I know I can't afford cloths but I want the $50 jeans instead of 3 pairs of $10 jeans when they are the same quality.
  • Or mom I know I need to pay my electric bill but I really need to pay for the kids to go  to the concert I promised them.
  • Why yes I can't afford to put food on the table that's why I need to borrow the money I had to pay for my 8 years old cell phone bill.  WHat does a 8 year old need with his or her own phone are you kidding me.
  • Or the grandmas that tried to be nice and purchased $250 plus of really nice cloths and come back heart broken because the grandchild told them it wasn't good enough....this one broke my heart personally because we had a grandma buy her 2 granddaughters some really kick butt outfits for no other reason but to spoil the grand-kids  One granddaughter was head over heals thanking her grandma  and one literally threw them aside and said i don't were this crap.  Grandma was devastated.  One granddaughter has it right the other needs a reality check.
  • My personal favorite I make homemade gifts. I put a lot of effort into making things an people just throw them aside or away or re-gift it.  I actually made a throw for someone close to me took me 3 weeks of crocheting every night.  I went to a mutual friends house three months later and the throw I made for someone was re-gifted to the mutual friend as a birthday gift one week after I gave it to the recipient. I never again made that person another gift ever again.
  • Or when you have people take things from you without permission and then they say its mine I had it forever,  No i have the receipts i just purchased it a week ago.... Or no matter what you do for someone its not enough.
The reason I say all this is because I have seen so many people with the self absorbed ungrateful attitude lately.  I seriously can't believe that so may people act like this. I admit I can be selfish but I give so much as well, there is very little I ask to keep for myself...some makeup, lotions. my laptop....

I guess my rant ran out of steam.. But remember to treat others as you want to be treated,,,Be thankful for the little things. I for one miss all the little handmade things my grandma used to make me. My first Christmas without her was devastating when I had no new little Christmas decoration from my Grandmas very own hands.,, Don't ask others for stuff you really don't need and if you have to swallow your pride be thankful enough to accept what they are giving you and not ask for more.

Peace and love this soon to be holiday season and until next time give someone you know a hand. a hug, a kiss.


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