Well everyone I don't know about you, but this is the time of year that as Halloween nears, some people are starting to think about that Holiday just a few weeks away. So are you one of those people that want to make everyone feel special, but are living on a budget that is so tight it screams when you mention extra expenses.  That is where the wonderful store the Dollar Tree comes into play.  Now most budget conscious people know you can score some seriously great deals at the Dollar Tree.  But as I have found you can make some amazing crafty gifts that do not suck all from the Dollar Tree.  So here it goes, I hope these ideas help you as much as they help me... Thank you to all the great Pinner's at Pinterest. I am putting direct links to these amazing Pinner's so you can see all their great pins and ideas.  Or you can follow me here and come see all the wacky stuff I find through Pinterest.

The Snowflake Christmas Wreath
Because getting an awesome wreath you can use all winter not just Christmas is a great idea.

Do you have a friend that just moved into their own place?
How great of a friend would you be if you helped with a few Christmas decorations!!
If you know what that special someone likes a few of these could make you a champion.


This one I have actually made a few times, but this picture explains it all.
Mason jar gifts are wonderful.  I love this one with the nail care products, you can do bath items, hair items. The only limit is your imagination.

I myself am a geek for Christmas, I also love candles so this is a great idea for me. Also, it gives you a chance to be creative and again personalize what you want to make for those special someones in your life, Also this idea is great not just for the Christmas holiday but you can do this for any holiday year round.

So here are just a few of my favorite Dollar Tree Christmas gifts.  However, you can find these items and many great ideas here!


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