Friday, October 9, 2015

Hernando County's New School Zones!!!

First off I would like to say how angry I am.  My teens just informed me that they were moved to a new highschool via the new zoning.  Now the wonderfully intelligent people with the zoning committee stuck my kids in a school 9 miles from my home. When our current school is 3 miles from my home. A rival School. A school that my husband and I both participated against.  A school that is substandard and not as good as the one they attend now (in my opinion).  I was informed my junior next year could possibly go to the school via school choice "possibly". Then my daughter who is embedded in the Springstead ROTC program will have a minimal chance of getting in with school choice. So now my husband and I have a choice.  Fill out the paperwork and hope both teens make school choice.  Pull our kids out and put them in virtual school. Or move back into Springsteads school zone which is most likely what's going to happen. Sorry I am venting but seriously 3 miles or 9 miles it's ridiculous.

I was also asked why I didn't go to any if the meetings.  I was never given a notice on them.

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