Friday, October 23, 2015

Diets, headaches and life!!!

Well all I know we are getting ready to start the holiday season. You know the time of eating with good will, and no control. Which is why this mama has to do the hardest thing ever and push her diet a bit.  But before I digress let me make this clear I am not doing this for my husband. I am not doing this for my family. I am not doing this for my friends. Although they are all amazing reasons to be doing this,  I AM DOING THIS FOR MYSELF AND MY HEALTH. I have had a problem lately and have felt the pounds on me. I feel how out of shape I am and it makes me sad.  

Now i know people are going to say you were doing so well last year.  Yes, I was then I lost the baby I was carrying. Miracle in itself I got pregnant in the first place when I had my tubes tied (i had a better chance of being hit by lightening) but losing the baby damaged me physically and emotionally. I think that was the moment last year I gave up on the diet I know I lost weight but I still gained a bunch back.  So here we go round two and so much in my life is different this time.  My husband has been a huge support he wants me healthy, he loves me regardless of my weight but as he said I want you around so we need your health to be OK.  

So here we go I am going to say I am around 248 again only because that was what I was at when I weighed myself at Publix this past week.  My goal is 10 pounds to start. Little by little. So ladies and gentleman I know how hard it is but your not alone in the struggle of the number or bulge. We are no longer looking at it as a number war we are looking at it as long term health battle.

There will be no judging because I will still be cooking and baking but I will be doing so in moderation. Changing my life and waist one goal at a time.  You are not alone and please feel free to contact me if you need a cheer squad I have your back.

My love and best wishes!!

PS if it doesn't work we always have cake

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